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Don Cameron: White for a Shroud


I love reading reviews that show passion about books – and Past Offences certainly does that. Hope you enjoy this superb review about a golden oldie as much as I did.

Past Offences: Classic crime, thrillers and mystery book reviews

White_for_a_ShroudWhite for a Shroud
Don Cameron
First published in the US 1947 by Mystery House
This edition Boardman Books, 1949, UK
184 pages
Source: Richmond Yorkshire

I picked up White for a Shroud on my recent jaunt to the frozen north (well, Yorkshire). I was sold the instant I saw the brilliant dust jacket by one Denis McLoughlin, sadly a bit grubby.

Red Rock is a hard town in the north of Michigan, home to Andrew Brant, a local man who left to become a newspaperman and returned to become proprietor, editor-in-chief and lead journalist of the Red Rock Reporter.

It’s 20 below and getting colder as the novel opens. The snow is so deep that paths have to be carved into it by a plough, shops build makeshift storefronts for the tunnels to their doors, and characters are forever digging themselves into and out of buildings. Just walking around is taxing. Most of the residents…

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