Shoot for the Moon Challenge – July Roundup


moonThis is the ambitious goal setting inspired by writing buddy Mhairi Simpson waaay back at the end of December – said goals were set under the influence of strong Assam – in the belief that even if we failed, we would still have achieved far more than if our targets had been more sensible. So at the end of yet another month – how am I doing?
Breathing Space is still progressing steadily, if more slowly than I really would like. I’ve just been away and been grannying fairly intensively (it’s what tends to happen during the summer holidays…) so the writing has inevitably slowed up somewhat. But I do feel I’ve reached a point where I can dive back into Jezell’s world without too much effort – and she has finally overcome her tendency to burble away at the reader in tell mode.
Challenge – to have the first daft of Breathing Space completed by the end of August. Being realistic, I think it’s more likely to be finished in early September.
• I set this challenge in the firm belief that I wouldn’t achieve it – but up to now it has sort of taken care of itself and July was no different. But during the last week of the month I started 2 books that I didn’t bother to finish and completed 2 others that I’m not going to review as I didn’t sufficiently enjoy them. So I’m not sure I shall be able to continue to sustain my output.
Challenge – to write and publish 100 book reviews on my blog during 2014. I wrote another 10 reviews during July, so I should be able to achieve this target with ease.
• I completed Chapter 21 of Chaos in New Cluster and my amazing writing partner and I are starting to plan how we are going to wind up with particular adventure, which has been a total blast.
Challenge – to complete Chaos in New Cluster which I am writing with Michael J. Griffiths before the end of the year. This is looking very doable.
• I now need to roll up my sleeves and get cracking on my course notes for next term – particularly as both courses are already full. I’d love to be one of those folks who can perform two major tasks at the same time – but I’m not. While I’m planning and writing my Creative Writing courses, my novel writing has to stop, otherwise I don’t get the necessary depth and quality in either the course notes or writing exercises.
Challenge – to have written at least two sets of course notes for the next academic year by the end of the summer break. Not yet started. Watch this space…
• Nope. Again dismally failed at this target.
Challenge – submit all my unsold short fiction and poetry. Another wholesale failure at this particular target.

Again, it’s been a mixed month – although I’m happier with Breathing Space, having written 26,000 words this month and nearly at the halfway point. If I didn’t have to write the course notes and spend more chunks of my time grannying, I’d probably get it completed this month. However, those are also crucial calls on my time and non-negotiable for completely different reasons.

Writing just over 5,000 words toward Chaos in New Cluster, has brought this rom-com science fiction post-apocalyptic thriller closer to the finishing post (Mike and I haven’t so much mashed up our genres – more like creamed them with added spice and nuttiness along the way…)  I also wrote 7,000 words in book reviews and blogs this month, taking my monthly writing total to 38,000 words in July and my yearly total so far to 184,000. If only I could get to grips with submitting my work – I’d be really pleased with myself…

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