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Thoughtful Thursdays


Yes… it’s hot. But brains should be able to spark in the sunshine. Here’s a scenario, courtesy of Lizzy Baldwin, to keep those grey cells ticking over!


Good Morning Little Bloggers, it is once again Thursday. Quick confession to make here, I cannot believe how quickly the time is going. Two and a half weeks into my internship and although I’m finding it a little difficult I am really enjoying it. However, it has stopped me from being able to not only read but review as much as I would ultimately like to. However these posts are so brilliant as I get to read all the comments and really feel involved when I am away for a while. Today’s question revolves around a dinner party. Let me first set the scene; a beautifully set table, white bone china is placed perfectly in the centre of each beautifully woven place-mat, whilst a crisp white napkin lays folded by the glistening silver cutlery. The table is set for four places, each chair placed delicately around the circular table for…

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