Daily Archives: June 26, 2014

Birthday Thoughts…


Yep. It’s my birthday. My lovely mother threw me a wonderful party on Sunday – and even the weather behaved, so we were able to spend the time out in the garden noshing on the most fantastic strawberries and birthday cake, among many other goodies Mum provided. And later we all adjourned to the back paddock and played a crazy game of rounders.

And the we? Family – sister and her family; Mum and Dad, of course; close family friends; nephews; son; daughter and grandchildren – and J. Lots of laughter and catching up. The children were able to run around and play. It was perfect.

100_3140 This morning when I woke up on my birthday morning, for the first time in a looong time – I felt excited like a small child. Despite the fact it’s not a special one with nought, I felt different. My writing is moving up a gear – this year, I’m going to be published. Doing it myself, following a strategy that I devised back last winter with the help of Mhairi Simpson. So as well as being my birthday, the year is half gone. And I’m still on track with my main writing goals.

Breathing Space is now coming along nicely, after a lumpy start. I have a real 100_3132sense that this is MY year – and although it wasn’t one of my initial targets, I’ve managed to lose 10lbs in weight and feel so much better! No more groaning as I bend over and my belly pushes back… It’s more than past time – I’ve been carrying waaay too much blubber since my back injury back in 2005 which has really slowed me down physically.

As for family – yes, I will still be there for them, of course. Always top of the list priority-wise, I’ll never be too busy for any of them. But I’d also like to be a role model to demonstrate that it may take years and setbacks along the way, but if you have a vision and the determination to learn your craft – you can prevail.

I’m a cautious person – always thinking in defensive terms, never a true go-getter that reaches out and damn the consequences. But today, on my birthday, I’m throwing that caution to the winds and declaring to anyone who cares to read this – in a year’s time there will be at least a self-published trilogy of science fiction ebooks available. And I will have two other novels doing the rounds with agents and editors for traditional publication – I intend to be a hybrid author. And my blockage about submissions? No more – I have a backlog of books that are reader-ready. It’s past time I got them out there.
Happy Birthday, me!