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May 2014: Classic crime in the blogosphere


I love the idea behind this blog – reading and revewing classic crime written before 1987. So if you are a fan of those gems from the past, this is a wonderful resource. It didn’t hurt that the site namechecked my review of ‘Strong Poison’ by Dorothy L. Sayers, either!

Past Offences: Classic crime, thrillers and mystery book reviews

Where Danger Lives highlighted 50 great noir posters from Republic Pictures Where Danger Lives highlighted 50 great noir posters from Republic Pictures. This one just gets odder the more you look at it.

Well, I haven’t managed many book reviews this month (big fat zero), but fortunately the rest of the internet has picked up my slack. There are some great posts out there in the blogosphere; here are just a few of them.

Andrew Nette of Pulpcurry wrote a fascinating piece on June Wright, author of Murder in the Telephone Exchange and apparently a refreshingly wry figure.

Responding to one reporter who quizzed her on how a mother could use Who Would Murder a Baby? as the title for her second book, she quipped, ‘Obviously, you know nothing of the homicidal instincts sometimes aroused in a mother by her children. After a particularly exasperating day, it’s a relief to murder a few characters in your books instead.’

Andrew goes on to consider…

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