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Too British for my own good?


I really enjoyed reading this – and I have a hunch that Johanna isn’t the only author, Brit or otherwise, who feels more comfortable writing, rather than bigging up her work…

I’ve reached a rather devastating conclusion this evening: I’m far too British for my own good.

I’m modest. I can’t confidently identify any brass instrument, so how can I possibly blow my own trumpet?

www.pearsonelt.com.arFollowers will know that my Twitter and Facebook updates are quiet and unassuming, especially compared to those of other writers. I’d like to be more in-your-face, but quite honestly that’s not me.

I squirm with uncomfortable admiration when reading some authors’ self-publicity on the social networks: I’d rather sit in a bath full of slugs than launch a daily (let alone hourly) self-promotion campaign.  I did it once, for five days, and although the event was successful in attracting new readers, I found the experience very stressful. Pushy sales tactics have me looking for the door, and being pushy is something that feels very unnatural to me. I’m aware that the authors who engage in regular…

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