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The Adventures of Mike and SJ – Episode 14


This thread started on a forum Mike and I shared, when we started playing off each other about this alternative/fantasy persona we each gave ourselves. Since then, we’ve started writing a novel together and Mike has had a number of books published as Michael D. Griffiths (The Chronicles of Jack Primus, Part I, The Chronicles of Jack Primus, Part II, Eternal Aftermath) while I’ve been busy rewriting several books and establishing my Creative Writing classes at Northbrook College. But though he writes horror and I write sci fi, when we get together, we write… differently! So I thought I’d put a slice of our combined madness on my blog…

What I feel funny, but in a good way, like a five hundred pound weight has been lifted from my shoulders or maybe my brain!

Huh, what is that black glob of Cuthuhlu nastiness! SJ is screaming for me to control it. Oh man, it is going for the candles and making a real mess, I might add. Everyone is freaking out. The MIBs are drawing weird looking guns, I think Jack is shoving steak knives into his jacket.

I don’t care. That is the thing that was controlling me, making me hurt SJ. Screw that thing, screw everything else. I need to get away from it!

SJ and Jack are on the other side of the table. Oh wow the MIBs are opening up on the thing- why is SJ trying to save the crystal?

Oh this is it. I need to leap over the table to get to them. Oh wow that made a mess. Sheesh that gravy got everywhere. I hope that wasn’t that woman’s favorite white dress.

Oh quit it SJ! Remember they are evil. They deserve what they get. Come on we have to go while LWHB is distracting them. Wow look at Jack go with those knives. Yeah, give me a few.

We have to get out of here, before it reattaches— oh no it is coming after me! Look how huge it is now -I don’t want it back on MEEEEE!

Its coming! RUN RUN!


Jack! Psttt! Over here! Jack – will you stop flinging those steak knives around? Get behind this curtain RIGHT NOW! Because if you don’t – it could be curtains for Mike.

No… Mike isn’t behind the curtains – Look! He’s over there. Surrounded by that posse of MIB.candles

Yeah – I know there’s too many of them. But Little Wax-

I think we need a new name for him, frankly. I mean – Little Wax Head Boy might have been appropriate for the days when he was this cute little co-worker of Scotty’s, another lifetime ago. But just look at him… He’s now the size of a medium sized man. Can you imagine him now crawling back into poor old Mike’s hair? Let’s call him Candleman!

I’m not sure if he’s on our side, but he certainly isn’t on theirs. On account of Edgar getting upset when he started grabbing the candles and eating them – and making a right old mess of the table as a result. But of course the idiots thought it was all Mike’s fault. Ooo – that looks painful! Having all that wax jumping up and down on him must hurt – and of course it’s ruining his suit.

But – no, listen, Jack! This is REALLY important. While you were busy stabbing those guys who are leaking onto the carpet – that’ll cost a fortune to clean – I overheard Edgar phoning someone for instructions. You’ll never guess – it’s Miss Snodgrass! Question is, is she really an evil genius – or has she been somehow bamboozled by the baddies? She has instructed for Mike to be bundled up in chains and sent back to the States! We can’t let that happen – he hasn’t seen Buckingham Palace yet! We don’t want that, do we?

Think – Jack! What can we do to defeat Miss Snodgrass’s wicked machinations?