The Adventures of Mike and SJ – Episode 10


This thread started on a forum Mike and I shared, when we started playing off each other about this alternative/fantasy persona we each gave ourselves. Since then, we’ve started writing a novel together and Mike has had a number of books published as Michael D. Griffiths (The Chronicles of Jack Primus, Part I, The Chronicles of Jack Primus, Part II, Eternal Aftermath) while I’ve been busy rewriting several books and establishing my Creative Writing classes at Northbrook College. But though he writes horror and I write sci fi, when we get together, we write… differently! So I thought I’d put a slice of our combined madness on my blog…

Yeah – go on Jack! Knock ’em for six! Hey – Mike can handle himself… Well, his hair can anyway. Go on, Mike’s spikes! Ooo – that looked hairy…

Hm. Judging by the sound of those sirens, we’re going to have the police here in a tick. C’mon, boys. Stop messing around – finish ’em off. Yeehah! That’s the way…

Right – now – we need to find out exactly where we are… Hah – yes – Oxford Street is just over there. So – if we just scramble over this wall – here. That’s right. Stand on the wheelie bins, Jack, then you can climb- or vault over if you feel like showing off.

Yes, yes – Mike. I KNOW it was a cool fight – and yes – well done, you did a fine job. But you really need to stop air-boxing and reliving every glorious second… Mike! Now!

Yeah – well if I’m being a sour old nag, it’s cos you drive me to it.

Now – we need to cut across these gardens. Jack – try to keep off the flower beds, there’s a good chap. Mike – it’s so not cool to take pics of people in their homes while we’re sneaking around their gardens…

Right – now. Through this door and into the alley…. And out into this street.

Now. There! Am I the greatest, or what? Look where I’ve brought us – we can dodge into Harrods, the store for the Top People – and mingle in with the crowd. Though maybe Jack’s scuffed leather look and Mike’s extreme hairdo mightn’t exactly fade into the background…

harrods foodhallYeah – the Food Hall – you’ll like that…

Oh no – Jack’s caught sight of the jerky – and the price tag. No – Jack – that’s pounds – not pence. Yes, I KNOW it’s a bit expensive… Er – and this is your home-made jerky… Hm. No – I wouldn’t demand to see the manager to show him what the real thing tastes like. Remember – we need to keep a low profile.

Mike! No – let’s leave the display alone. Yeah – I think it’s a sweet idea – and I’m sure dear Aunt Gertrude would just love these individually wrapped, handcrafted Swiss chocs… But, maybe another time.

Dahtoe! Oh no! And – he’s – yep – he’s managed to completely destroy the fresh fish and ice sculpture representation of Disney’s Little Mermaid. Pst… Mike – no – maybe this isn’t the best time to whistle to him… Can’t we just pretend we don’t know him?

Erm… Run guys. Store security is closing in – and they seem to have a sense of humour failure over Dahtoe’s contribution to the Top People’s shopping experience…

So much for blending into the background *sigh*


I could swear we hadn’t done anything to tick off any British bobbies – so why are they chasing us too?’

Yes, Jack, I imagine it was a long flight,  And the fight in the alley worked up a thirst in me too – but I think they’ll notice if we just run into some random pub.   Now all this running away from folks if making me hungry, too, and SJ’s face is so red she is reminding me of lobster.

Do they have lobster here in GB? SJ? SJ? I think she is mad at me for some reason. Sheesh

Oh wait she’s hi-tailed through that door…

Ah, a pub at last!  No, no, SJ, calm down.  Let’s NOT run straight through and out the back.  Let’s rest up here a while.  Do some of that mingling you were after.  What sort of trouble could we get into in a pub? Yes, I know Soccer is really football. No, I won’t toss my throwing knives at the dartboard and I’ll make sure Jack doesn’t take on the whole bar. He only likes to fight evil people. Oh wait – Jack, where you going?

He is walking over to those two guys in black trenchers – I think he reckons they’re… Uh SJ, is it to late to un-promise that Jack wasn’t going to get into a fight?  At least he waited until we got our pints first.  He looks busy chasing that guy whose crying around the snooker table.  I might as well finish his.  I’m sure he won’t mind.

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