Review of The Path of Self-Publishing Success by Michael R. Hicks


I’ve been a Twitter follower of Michael for a while and we’ve exchanged the odd tweet, meantime my husband has downloaded and read a couple of his ebooks on Kindle and they’re now archived waiting for me to get to them. I came across this book and downloaded it after reading the Look Inside feature on Amazon, as I’m seriously considering self-publishing one of my science fiction trilogies.

self-publishing-cover01-300hThe writing style is friendly and approachable – Hicks delivers the advice as if you are sitting at a table across from him over a coffee or beer, so I was immediately drawn in. The books is clearly set out, starting with Hick’s own experiences of trying to sell his first novel In Her Own Name, to agents and publishers and finally deciding in 2008 to take the plunge and publish it himself. And after working away, in mid-2011 he hit the best-seller lists and by July of that year was close to making $30,000 in a single month. He then takes the reader on a step by step journey of what you need to do in order to successfully publish your work, starting with the writing and editing of your work, acquiring a good cover, how to obtain an ISBN number…

It isn’t a particularly long book and I devoured it in a single sitting. However, I’m very aware that it is a book I shall be regularly returning to when I’m in a position to turn my own work loose on the unsuspecting public.

He has made a point of labelling his chapters, so you can dive right in to the appropriate section if you wish to retrieve a particular slice of information – and acknowledging that this is a fast-moving industry with a lot going on, he also has produced links where he will regularly update developments for those of us who made the investment of £1.90 for his words of wisdom.

I came away from reading this book feeling inspired and energised. However, at no time does Hicks under-estimate the significant amount of hard work and effort it takes to acquire the amount of success he has attained. Which is a relief – I get a tad fed up with the horde of tweets and Facebook messages to the effect that so long as you tell yourself, ‘You Can!’ or some other equally anodyne sentiment, you’re more or less destined for J.K. Rowling success…

All in all, this book is excellent value for money and if – like me – you are thinking about self-publishing, or simply curious to see what all the fuss is about, then you can discover a lot of valuable information from an industry insider, who has taken the time and effort to smooth the way for those coming behind him.

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